Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pink, Black, and White Inspiration

Photography From Eugene Kam

 I am working on the couture silk invitations for a pink, black, and white Sweet Sixteen party with a "Diamonds are Forever theme".  So right up my alley!  Not only are pink, black, and white my favorite colors, I have been addicted to all things sparkley since before I could walk.   I thought I would post some inspiration pics I have found.


I love these fabulous pink, black and white favor boxes.  I am usually not a huge fan of favors (because they are usually junk... let's be honest) but I would gladly walk away with this box, even if it were empty.

I Love, Love LOVE these shoes from Magrit. I can't believe I don't own these already. 

Gustave Tassel from Decades Inc.

OMG, I miss Madmen!  I am infatuated by this gorgeous pink and black silk Gustave Tassel cocktail gown circa 1960's.  I would totally starve myself to fit in this size 0 (literally, a 22 inch waist).  Love!

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