Friday, November 5, 2010

Silk And Satin Brocade Box Invitations... DIY style!

Silk and Satin Box DIY Invitations
So I am finally getting around to posting pics of these GORGEOUS invitations created by one of our clients.  She came to Revelry Invitation Studio for custom boxes to enhance her fabulous invitation idea.  She saw our exclusive satin brocade folio on our website and knew that fabric would be perfect. 

The inspiration for her wedding was "Marie Antoinette hosts a Venetian Masquerade".  Each box was created using Baguette dupioni silk for the base and interior, and a gorgeous gold brocade satin for the lid.  We finished it off with a pink satin ribbon and a sparkling rhinestone buckle.

 And what a fabulous invitation she created! Gorgeous gold papers, a custom ivory jacket, ostrich feather, satin ribbon, custom wax seal... what more could a girl want?  Great job Catherine!  And congrats on your wedding!

Have an idea for a custom foundation piece for your unique invitation creations?  Contact us today!

~ Happy Weddings ~


holidayexpert said...

Elegant wedding stationery! Very wonderful.

Ms. Emerald said...

Thanks for the great information!!

I need help ASAP. My wedding date is February 25, 2012 and I need to mail invitaitons before or by December 25, 2011.

I'm looking to order custom boxes for custom invitations that are a scroll & a response card and reception invitation in an embossed Thai Silk portfolio.Thus, my invitation needs a custom box, preferbly emerald green velvet with a platnium embellishment. My wedding colors are Emerald Green & Platnium, with a highlight color of royal purple.

Please let me know if I can have a custom invitation box made and sent to me in 2-3 weeks.

I can be reached at

Blessed Regards,

Elenore Williams
Los Angeles, Ca

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