Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Candy Coated Wedding Cakes!

Candy weding cakes
 Courtesy of A Wedding Cake Blog
It's Wedding Cake Wednesday Y'all! 
 I woke up this morning late (for some reason my son starts school an hour late on Wednesdays... really convenient for working parents, ahem), but that meant I actually got a shower in before the day started (I'm a mom of two boys, I run a BUSY business, I keep a home, and I am generally busy ALL THE TIME, so shower time is a luxury I do not take for granted). I digress.  But during my me-time, I thought it'd be cool to start the Wedding Cake Wednesday tradition. I opened my facebook and was greeted with a lovely cake decked out in M&M's (coinkidink?).  So I thought I'd find other candy confections make especially for the big day.
Rock Candy Wedding Cake - Candy Cakes
Courtesy of Edible Crafts
I LOVE this rock candy cake.  It is so simple a decoration I could do it, if I could first bake a cake... a feat that has proven in my thirty-some-odd-years to be impossible. 
Courtesy of Know Ur Taste
A candy Sprinkles tiered cake!  Perfection!! 
truffle cake - Candy cakes
Courtesy of Indulgy
Okay.... hold the phone.  Is this what I think it is?  A chocolate truffle cake with chocolate pirouette cookies and a giant sugar and truffle cake topper?  Be still my beating heart, I think I just found Mr. Right.  And I will call him "Delicious".
Candy Covered Cakes
You know those candies you'd get on the long sheet, that turned out to be nothing but sugar drops?  Yep.  There's a cake for that.  And a mighty pretty one too!
Candy coated wedding cakes
Cake by Red Ribbon Studio
Courtesy of OneWed
Another Rock Candy cake... I LOVE the colors!  This would be perfect for a casual, beachy soiree.
Candy Cakes
Courtesy of Cake Central
A Candy Cane Cake!  Perfect for the holidays!  I'd want mine to be about 6 tiers though ;)  and what about using those fruity brightly colored canes for a summer wedding?  Could be pretty stunning...
Candy Decorated Cakes
And what could be better than to finish it all off with a Candy Land Cake!  Decorated with red licorice laces and those little fruity candies shaped like fruit that you get out of a vending machine for a quarter (what the heck are those called anyway?).  Love this!!!  And the topper is candy land pieces holding hands, aawwww!  Maybe a little too whimsical for a wedding, but hey.  Why not?
What's your cake plan?  Traditional or a little unique?  Would you do a Candy Land Cake?
~ Happy Wedding Cake Wednesday!~  

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The source for the chocolate truffle cake is incorrect but thanks for featuring it! The photo is by Jo Nicholson of and is of a wedding cake by Thanks!

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