Pin It To Win It is a monthly contest based on user "pins" or graphic links based on a theme.

By noon On the First Day of  Each Month, a new contest will begin starting with the announcement of a new theme.  For instance, we may say we're looking for pins that you think represent the Perfect Spring Floral Arrangement.  Then you find pins that fit the theme and post them to our contest page. 

You may add as many pins as you wish, however you only get one vote.

Voting begins at 7am EST  5 days before the end of the month, and ends at 5pm EST on the last day of the month. Once voting begins, submissions will be closed (i.e. you can't pin any more pics once voting begins).

All pins must include an email address for the pinner, as well as a direct URL to the site from which the pin was found. Your email address WILL NOT be made public, and we will not contact you unless you win.  We take your privacy seriously.

There must be a minimum of 50 UNIQUE pins for the contest to be valid, and the winner must receive a minimum of 5 votes. So, tell ALL your friends to post and vote!  We will remind all pinners when voting has begun via an updated post to the Chatter blog. If we do not receive the minimum number of Pins or Votes, the contest is void for that month. 

The Winning Pin will be announced on The First Day of the Month, at which time a new contest theme will be announced.  The Winner will also be contacted via email.  Winners have 14 days to claim their prize from the point of announcement, or their win becomes void (so be sure to give us a valid email, and to check the blog on the first of the month to see if you won).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email.