Friday, October 5, 2012

Unique Wedding Photos

Unique Wedding Photos
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There are exactly two photos of my wedding: a kiss shot, and a front-on goofy-grin shot.  My husband and I eloped, and although it was perfect, romantic, beautiful, and totally "us"; it was, just us.  So the one thing I feel like I missed out on was the wedding album and being able to look back at all the moments that made the big day so special.  Good thing I can get my fill by living vicariously on Pinterest ;)
But that lack of an album inspired today's post showcasing some unique, fun, not your ordinary boring goofy-grin wedding shots. The kind I would have wanted if I didn't hop on a plane half way around the world to do the deed in private.  I hope they inspire you jump out of the box (perhaps even literally) during your photo session.
Awesome wedding photo ideas
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creative wedding photo ideas
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fun wedding photos
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best wedding photography
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unique wedding photos
hilarious wedding photos
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Awesome wedding photo ideas
Have a photo of your special day that is one of those, "holy cow, that is too awesome" pics?  Share it so we can let the world see you in all your awesomeness!
~Happy Weddings!~

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Jessie Severt said...

It is always good to add a little creativity, even in wedding pictures. It will add some spice and fun to the photos. There are a lot of concepts that you can do to make the photos look interesting. Your photographer may have a couple of ideas, but it will not hurt to suggest some of your own.

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