Monday, October 8, 2012

Hot Wedding Trend: Morning After Photography

Hot New Wedding Trend: The Morning After Wedding Photo Shoot
Photo of the rings...check.  Photo of the shoes... check.  Photo of my husband and I getting raunchy.... say what?  So here's one more reason to feel guilty about not hitting the gym this morning... your wedding porn photo shoot.  Well, okay, that may be an exaggeration (for some ;),  but a hot new wedding trend is to get "Morning After" shots from the wedding, er, night. Ranging from the steamy to the cute, this new trend has some brides feeling more pressure than ever to look their most perfect.  
Hot Wedding Trend 2012: Morning After Photos
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Morning After Wedding Photo
Morning After Photos
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What do you think of this new wedding trend, is it just an added stress, or is it a super cute idea? Do you think it is a perfect portrayal of your bond together, or is it a little too risque? 
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