Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Wedding Cakes

Spooky Halloween Wedding Cakes
halloween wedding cae
Halloween Cake from Pink Cake Box
I am definitely getting in the Halloween spirit (a hem). The air is crisp and cool, the leaves are changing color and starting to wreak havoc on the lawn, and hints of ghouls and goblin decor have been popping up here and there.  So what better time to get in the mood, than on Wedding Cake Wednesday? 
zombie wedding cake, halloween wedding, theme wedding
Zombie Cake Courtesy of Big Fat Cook

zombie wedding cake, zombie wedding, halloween wedding
Courtesy of Blogger of the Bride

So I am not a fan of the zombie rage. I know, I know. The Walking Dead show (or whatever it is called) is widely accredited by all my associates, yet I think it is just plain dumb. But I could maybe get behind it with a cake like this on the table.
black wedding cake, black fondant, halloween wedding, halloween wedding cakes
Courtesy of Wedding 4 Teen
I love me a black wedding cake.  I love black anything for a wedding.  I know it sort of goes against everything a wedding is supposed to represent, but I just think it is so cool in an off-beat kind of way.
And I am no kind of baker (I can't bake boxed cake even), but I know this must have been hard to pull off since you see EVERY mistake with black fondant.  And this looks pretty close to perfect.  Sadly, I don't know who the baker was... I'd love to give them the kudos they deserve.
wedding cake, halloween wedding cake, theme cakes
Courtesy of The Bride and Groom
This is one of the most detailed cakes I have ever seen.  And I am now wondering if I should get into cake decorating, cause this is awesome!!!
orange and black wedding cake
Courtesy of A Wedding Cake Blog
My favorite cake is one that is unexpectedly awesome on the inside.  The other day I found a leopard print cake on Pinterest and I have kind of been obsessed ever since.  This is PERFECT for Halloween!  Love it!
So would you do a Halloween wedding cake if your special day fell around the holiday?
~Happy Weddings!~ 

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