Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

I love Wilshire Graphics Press, INC Embossers!  They are the perfect way to customize any and all wedding details.  Create a monogram embosser for invitations, envelopes, thank you notes, use it on table numbers, menus, programs, and escort cards.  For a small investment, you can create a very cohesive (and upscale) look. Desk top embossers from Wilshire start at $55 for a stock design and start at only $65 for a custom design.  And they will help you create the perfect monogram... something you can use years after your special day has passed.  Check them out at

Another adorable idea... personalized ribbon. has such fantastic favor items, it is ridiculous.  Order a favor box for $.60 and dress it up with satin ribbon that has been printed with your names, and add an adorable customized favor tag... and you've got your self a perfect, one-of-a-kind favor set for under $3.00 (including candies or seeds to stuff inside).

For beach weddings, even though you may intend to make it short and sweet, the folks baking under the sun feel like they have been there for a decade.  Yes they are excited about the nuptials, but that doesn't stop the head sweat  from a hot, hot sun.  Enter adorable paper parasol favors.  A perfect present and a functional one at that.  These cutie beach-themed parasols can be found at

Plain parasols can be found at starting at only $3.99 per umbrella. 

Another untapped source of easy and unexpected customization items... look into business promotions companies.  They often carry neat items that are designed to be customized.  Sure, they're biz to biz centered, but just think... you're busting into an untapped wedding resource.  You'd pay twice as much if they knew they could market to brides :)  Check out this cute imprinted sand pail and shovel set for $3.28 a piece (or less!).  Fill it with jelly beans, and you have the favor idea to beat.

Lastly for tonight (but I will be back with more) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of custom socks.  You know, little feets start to hurt after bouncing around on the dance floor.  Offering custom monogramed socks is a cute way to say "we want you to be comfortable, and keep the party going! Kick off your shoes and get back out there!"  Check out and use their super easy flash customization site.  You can choose colors and styles, and create some adorable monogramed socks for your special event.  That is a favor that will not be forgotten.

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