Friday, October 23, 2009

Worlds Most Expensive Diamonds

It's been a rainy grey day, and that made me what to find some sparkle.  The insurance on these blingy's would cost as much as a house. Every year. I don't know if that is true, since, unfortunately I am not the one insuring them.  Above is a picture of the world's most expensive diamond ring ever sold-- an internally flawless light blue cushion cut diamond--priced at a mere 9.49 million dollars and weighing 7.03 carats.

How would you like to set this rock on your finger?  You'd need a sling to hold your arm up.  108 carats and a hefty $16 million price tag... Man I wish I owned Sotheby's.  In fact, what a fun place to waste time day dreaming  You can browse through the masterpieces and rarities up for auction.

This is by far my favorite diamond ring ever.  A totally flawless white diamond set above a gorgeous pink diamond.  Who would have thought... no, one giant perfect diamond is simply not enough.  Let's do two! A little over 10 carats and only a little over 1 million bucks, this baby could be yours!  Check to claim your prize. 

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