Thursday, October 22, 2009

Making the Best of a Best Man's Speech

Wedding speeches are always a point of concern for the bride.  She laughs, gets weepy, feels warm and humbled by the speech her maid of honor gives... but then she enters the danger zone.  The best man's speech.  He can say any stupid thing that has related to any number of debaucherous events the groom has either attended or born witness to inadvertantly (I know the, "I didn't know where we were going" excuse doesn't usually fly, but whatever).  It truly does fire up a tinge of panic in an otherwise calm and collected gal.  And sometimes may even result in an outright brawl.  Not a good thing on the happiest day of your life.  No new husband likes to have $250 worth of roses and lilies smashed in his face. This does not bode well for the future of the man-friendship either.  Soon, he'll stop calling because she doesn't want him hanging out with guys like you.  She'll suggest becoming besties with some dude who's dating one of her co-workers.  You cannot risk replacement.  This is perhaps the most important cluster of words that will ever come out of your mouth.  It may very well be the single thing that determines the future of your man-friendship.  My suggestion is this: just stick to making fun of your buddy.  Like the guy on this video...

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