Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bridal Survival Kit

You're the maid of honor.  You are the bride's trusted confidant.  Your are her giggling buddy.  You have had her back through thick and thin.  And now you are in a position of honor in her wedding... or a position of authority.  You will be the one the other girls look to when there is a last minute problem.  Make it easy on yourself by creating, a bridal survival kit.  It is a cute and thoughtful (and very useful) way to make sure you can save the day no matter what happens, cape optional.

There is two options: buy one pre-made (as shown above from Or make your own.  But what to include?  First check the sample/travel aisle at your local drugstore.  Grab toothpaste, baby wipes (DO use on a light stain on a bridal dress.  DO NOT use a bleach pen... it will turn the spot yellow), tums, Tylenol, a sewing kit, a first aid kit, and mouthwash.  Then find yourself some spray deoderant (it's always nice to share with the other girls if necessary... no one wants a hot bridesmaid to bring on the funk). You'll also want to include an emery board, bobby pins, aerosol hairspray (you'll want a full size, not a travel size), scissors (the little eyebrow ones are good), pressed powder, tissues, breath mints, hand lotion, and a folding hairbrush.  Stash it all in a hat box, and it is a cute thank you gift/wedding armory for the bride. 

I found some adorable handmade survival kits on

I love the individual survival packs... you can create one for each of the bridesmaids so they don't have to track you down in case of emergency.  Plus, they can be small enough to fit in a fancy little handbag.

Made your own adorable survival kit?  I'd love to post it!  Send your pics to

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