Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't Make The Number 1 Mistake With Your DIY Invitations...

So I have been in contact with a gal who is having a horrible time trying to find mailers to fit her custom invitations.  This seems to be the most significant and often overlooked part of the DIY process.  You have a gorgeous idea of what you want for your invitations... you spend $$$ on all your supplies, and tons of time painstakingly crafting them.  But it is all worth it because you have the perfect one-of-a-kind invitations.  But wait a tick... how do you get them to your guests?  They don't make an 8" x 8" envelope?  Or a 7.5" square mailing box?  This is a panic moment because your options are expensive... custom boxes or envelopes.

I always advise my DIY brides to make sure they can find an envelope or mailer for their invitations before they order custom silk panels or silk folios.  And though it may seem like your options are limited to boring envelopes or ho-hum corrugated mailers, look for awesome presentation pieces, like this damask packing tape from
Or this adorable lace print packing tape from
This makes even the most standard box look fabulous. Use it like you would a ribbon around a standard corrugated mailer box and you have an instant gift presentation for your invitation.
Using regular boring white envelopes?  Jazz them up with wrap around envelope labels fro

The addressee is on one side, while the return address is printed on the other.  Too cute! 

Add a semi transparent monogram to your envelopes, or a filigree print.  You can even find a desk embosser and have it outfitted with a custom monogram or your return address for a luxe look on the cheap. Just keep mailing in mind when the design bug gets you.

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