Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Inspired Embossed Pocketfold Invitations

I have been itching for weeks, nay, months to show off the fabulous vintage rocker-inspired invitations we created for an awesome bride who just got married this Saturday!  Shana was so fabulous to work with, and had such a neat vision for her special day (and all the accessories).  She came to me and said her colors were dark blue hues and antique gold, that she liked brocade, that she woud characterize her wedding as vintage rocker-inspired, and her element of inspiration was wrought iron. 

After going through several concepts including satin brocade invitations, burn-out velvet invitations, even hand flocked invitations; we finally came up with this fabulous gritty gold embossing.  Lots of sparkle with just enough edge. 

We created two versions, one with the embossing on the front (as shown above) and one that incorporated an embossed belly band and a monogram seal.  Her monogram was used throughout the event, and she definitely wanted it incorporated in the stationery.  We embossed the interior of this pocketfold invitation, which created one of the most unique backdrops for an invitation I have seen.

Once Shana received her two mock-ups, she decided she loved the damask embossed print on the exterior, but wanted the monogram seal instead of the rhinestone buckle. She loved the opulence of the damask print, so we incorporated that into the invitation and enclosures.  

We created a custom damask print paper, and layered it with a deep Persian Blue and Gold Leaf stocks.  The invitation itself was flat printed on shimmery Opal stock, giving the inks a metallic appearance. That's a great trick for DIY brides who don't want to spend $500 on thermography... just print brown or grey on metallic stock and it will look like shimmery ink ;)

We also created custom wedding programs, menus, table numbers, and place cards to match.  We created a custom stamp with her monogram and wedding date so we could incorporate the same embossing technique on her programs.

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That invitation is gorgeous!!! I love it.

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