Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love This! New Butterfly Silk Slide!

Unique Silk and Satin Brooch Slide Invitation
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So my new favorite presentation piece is the slide.  Ever since we created the lace and silk slide for a fabulous gal of a bride late last year, I have been trying to push this new style.  LOVE it!  Not only is it a more affordable alternative to a box or a folio, there are so many ways to make it really one-of-a-kind.  Take this adorable rhinestone butterfly brooch for example.  A big splash of satiny pink ribbon on a muted Iridium dupioni background sets the stage for this little lovely.

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I just can't get enough of the simple playfulness of the brooch mixed with the uber chicness of the silk and satin.  LOVE!

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Just a little inspiration to jump start the weekend ;)

~ Happy Weddings ~


laura said...
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laura said...

hi my name is laura and i am having a sweet sixteen in april and i saw this card and its perfect. is there any way i can buy this card? if so let me know.

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