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Deco inspired Letterpress Invitations

Art Deco Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations
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It seems like it's been forever since I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Katie Olson (Laughridge), owner and writer-editor of Wedding Fanatic... a blog that if you haven't checked out yet, you should march right over (after ogling her invitation pics here, of course ;)  Katie contacted me after I sent a cheeky Facebook message about ordering invitations once I had heard she was getting married.  Surprisingly, she called right away and we began working (happily) together instantaneously. 

We discussed her vision and the look he was hoping to achieve.  She was totally inspired by her reception site, The Grand Reserve in Kansas City, which is actually on old Federal Reserve Bank building. She said she was going for an elegant, deco-y kind of vibe.  As is my usual M.O., I asked for some inspiration photos.  She sent over a collection of photos, including the venue shots below.

When I opened the attachment of the last photo, I saw this...

A close-up of these gorgeous federal blue and gold medallions.  And Bam!  I had what I was looking for. 

I knew Katie wasn't my typical client.  She wasn't really interested in lots of bling, or embellishments; she didn't really have a penchant for silk boxes or out-of-the-ordinary presentations.  She wanted a classic, clean, very unique invitation that would reflect her very special day.  And I found it in these medallions.  After blowing up the images, and doing all kinds of digital manipulation (with some hand-drawing thrown in for the Luddite in me) I finally wound up with the extracted design we would use as the foundation for her invitation suite.
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Armed with this, we created this beautiful letterpress suite...

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Copyright Revelry Invitation Studio, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Copyright Revelry Invitation Studio, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I love the little sparkle added by the Swarovski crystals.  I have said before, and I'll say it again... it ain't mine if it don't shine :)

Copyright Revelry Invitation Studio, LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

It is really the details that make an invitation suite go from "Oh, how pretty" to "Wow, that is gorgeous!" and the fabulous envelope liner that brought the medallion home I think was one of those totally unexpected "Wow" elements.  Love!

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Katie had A LOT of directions to share.  From the hotels to the church, from the church to the reception site, and from the reception site back to the hotels... a single direction card was just not going to cut it.  So we created these adorable (and super useful) direction booklets.  Guests could just page through to find their next stop.  Easy peasy.

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We used the same whimsical font used in her Save-The-Dates, and added a little bit of refinement by having them letterpressed.  I LOVE the gray color she chose... GORGEOUS!

This was such a fun project to work on!  I love being able to create something totally unique to a couple, and I think we did just that with these beauties.   Yay!

~ Happy Weddings~

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