Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little Wedding Day Humor

It's Monday and I am needing a humor fix.  So I thought I would share some funny wedding pic's I found on the web.  Have a Smurfy day!

Who taught him that?

Hope y'all can make it to the weddin'!

Okay, come on.  Who the hell let her walk out of the bathroom like that.  Her friends are mean.

Hey you!  Eat Me!

It only works for ladies, dude.

The best part of being married is having not having to do the YMCA alone.  No, this is from their days shared on the cheerleading squad. 

If the price is right, you can book the Fabulous Heftones for your affair.  An extra ten-spot, and she'll match her shall, tights, and shoes to your wedding color scheme (one color only please).

Please don't spook the horse! 

Okay, now that's just wrong...

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