Friday, March 5, 2010

Unique Bridal Bouquets

The sun is shining!  I am thinking Spring!  Which makes me think of flowers.  I can't wait until the farmer's markets are back in swing, where I can find a bundle of buds for only a couple bucks. But until then, I thought I would post some beautiful and fun bridal bouquets to get the Spring bug off my back.  If you're looking for a gorgeous keepsake bouquet, check out Giardinetti on Etsy. She hasn't had any sales, and I can't imagine why... give a fledgling artist some love and be the first to carry one of her fabulous creations down the aisle!

Can't bear to spend mucho moola on a bunch of flowers that will only last a day?  How about a satin rose bouquet from Pick Me Flowers? Or check out this whimsical magnolia bouquet with ostrich feather detail.  Love it!

If you are a little bit quirky and like to set yourself apart from the pack, try an adorable custom pinwheel in lieu of flowers.
These custom pinwheels from Rule42 can be created in over 9000 prints and colors, so not only are you making a statement, you'll likely make it one-of-a-kind.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this couture bouquet by Croska! Using feathers, crystals, rhinestones, chiffon, satin, and more, she crafts these vintage-style works of art to suit your style.  Gorgeous!
If you are just a firecracker and flowers don't quite do it for you, try this awesome beaded bouquet from RavenWood Manor 

Made of 400 genuine Swarovski crystals and/or pearls... this is a piece of art that will add a little sparkle to your days for years to come.  Wowza!

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Anonymous said...

Love the bouquets! Whether floral or feather in nature, as long as they represent something meaningful to the bride and are cherished, then any bridal bouquet will work, with flowers or any other object.

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