Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unique Wedding Venues

I love interesting and unexpected wedding venues, so I thought I would seek out some of the coolest, unique, and down right weird wedding venues.  Well, weddings on a gorgeous rented yacht may not be the most unique idea, but how about getting hitched on a The Tiki Beach Yacht in South Florida?  It's a floating tiki bar complete with sand floor! 


Underwater weddings are becoming a huge destination wedding selling point in Korea and Thailand.  You can either convince your guests to come down in the blue with you, or they can broadcast live streaming video at the surface so guests don't have to get wet.  Be sure to bring an extra wedding gown and tux for after-ceremony celebration.

Or if you're totally nuts, you can get wed in the sky.  Again, I would sugget bringing a change of clothes (at least I would definitely need a change after that).

Of course, you can get hitched about the USS Enterprise (sort of...)  Cruise Trek is an organization that develops Star Trek based excursions all over the world.  Just think, you can be surrounded by hundreds of your closest alien friends while saying your vows in Klingon (which you can learn how to do at The Klingon Language Institute

How about in a giant bird's nest?  (Images via Snippet and Ink which is a total treat to read.  Check it out!)

Other kooky ideas:
Race Track
Football Stadium
Corn Maze
On a Flatbed Truck
Radio City Music Hall (no, I don't know if they allow it)
Hot Air Balloon
Sky Diving
In a Semi-Trailer

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