Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unique and Couture Flower Girl Dresses

I went to a wedding last weekend and they had two adorable flower girls who were so cute, and sooo well behaved through the long Episcopalian service - more than I can say about my son who was removed 5 minutes into it.  I digress... 
But that inspired me to seek out some of the most beautiful and unique flower girl dresses on the market.  Often flower girl dresses are an after-thought; most are somewhat expected mini-versions of a bridal gown.  Although that is sort of the idea (I get it), I love something unusual... even if the statement is made by a 4 year old.   The dress above is something I want to buy for myself today, if only to prance around the house pretending to be a fairy princess.  The designs by Tiara's Boutique are extraordinary, and she is happy to customize size (yep... she'd make one for me) and uses up to 300 YARDS of tulle in each one!!  Gorgeous!

Belle Du Jour

Belle Du Jour is another fabulous boutique specializing in unique wedding wear.  I found this adorable Bluebelle flower girl dress there, and what's not to love?  Sparklies, organza, satin ribbon, a hoop skirt for pete's sake... I would have loved this dress until it was threadbare when I was little.  U.K designer Maggie Cook creates these fabulous pieces, as well as jewelry, headpieces, grown-up gowns and more. 

Sweet Plume

Okay, this may be the most couture flower girl dress have ever seen, and I love, Love, LOVE it!  Created by Sweet Plume, this dress has everything: a chocolate brown duponi silk bodice, gold sparkly tulle on bottom, ivory feathered apron, gold sash, and a peony embellishment... and it costs about what you'd pay for a mass-produced flower girl dress at your local bridal shop!  I want to get married again just so I can have a wee one hop down the aisle in this beauty! 

A gorgeous dupioni silk dream fashioned after a popular gown style from couture design house Petite Parfait.  I love this dress style (it wasn't around when I worked in bridal, and I sooo would have loved to skip down the runway at our local fashion shows in this baby... perhaps a larger version, but, whatever).

If you a little girl and she happens to be the kind of girl who swoons over petticoats, Johanna Grace is your one-stop-shop for all things uber-elegant.  She has an enormous collection of couture and custom gowns for little girls and young ladies, like the above silver silk flower girl dresses.  I simply can't say enough... so here's another picture...

Would you not have grinned ear to ear if your mom brought this home for you to wear?  I am all about the fashion sensibilities of the early 60's (Mad Men is my favorite show... because of the fashion)  and this dress oozes it. I want it now!  Located in New York, Johanna Grace is truly an atelier of couture girls clothing.  Love!!!


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vicyc said...

What a Flower Girl Dresses. Perfect for the Holidays! My daughter would love this dress

Anonymous said...

I am in the market for flower girl dresses and I have fallen in love with the Bluebelle dress. Does anyone know how I can find it?

sohalika said...

This is the uniqueness of your site.i might like it very much.
i was really want something like that..
thanks for sharing..

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