Saturday, June 12, 2010

DIY Paper Roses, Rhinestone Unity Candles, Ribbon Wands, and Escort Cards

DIY Wedding Ideas

While searching for inspiration for DIY projects, I came across these GORGEOUS handmade paper roses from Mommy Makes Roses.  Artist Cassie Mae Chappell painstakingly hand cuts, creates, paints, and finishes each everlasting rose, and I gotta say, these things are so perfect it is hard to believe they are not real. And the kicker... their made out of coffee filters!  She appeared on the Martha Stewart Show and shared her secret to making these beauties.  Beware, they take time and patience, but the result is worth it.  For templates and a video tutorial, click here

And Martha also shared this adorable idea for little paper chair escort cards.  So Cute!  Click here for a template and instructions courtesy of HeavenlyMuse on Weddingbee.

And I love this alternative to a sparkler exit, Ribbon Wands!  I found these on Weddingbee (a great source for DIY projects).  So simple... go to the fabric or craft store and purchse thin dowels.  You should be able to get at least 3-4 wands (depending on how long you make them) per dowel.  Paint them. Purchase 1/4" ribbon in your wedding colors (you can get spools for $.50 at Joann Fabrics). Tie them on, and voila!  Adorable!  Put them in a pretty glass vase at the exit of the ceremony so guests can pick them up on their way out.

photo courtesy of Beiderman & Sons

I always loved the rhinestone studded unity candles we carried at the Bridal Shop (years ago when I worked in bridal), but they were ridiculously over-priced... but could be an easy DIY project.  I would definitely recommend getting a Bejeweler to use with Hot Fix rhinestones (they can be found at Hot Fix Queen).  Hot Fix rhinestones have a heat activated adhesive that is heated up by the bejeweler tool, making it a snap to apply rhinestones (especially to wax). 

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holidayexpert said...

Wonderful ideas. They're so unique. It would make the wedding so fabulous.

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Pebbles Catto said...

I love ribbon wands! Please see my site for a large variety of colors and styles, within your budget! and

Anonymous said...

The handmade paper roses look too real! So beautiful and no worries about flowers going bad with these :)

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